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Nu-Way Housing Developments (Pty) Ltd (Nu-Way) has been active in the marketplace since 1986 with its primary aim to promote and facilitate the provision of affordable and low-cost housing to South Africa's low-income earners. As a member of the Nu-Hold Group, it is in a position to take its offering to more low-income earning South Africans.


Our Vision is: To satisfy our customer's housing and community needs through property development services thereby contributing to social upliftment.

Our Mission:
  • To be recognised on a national level as the benchmark in the affordable housing development industry;
  • To continually improve the working environment of professionals and contractors who work with us;
  • To be the preferred employer in the industry; and
  • To broaden the knowledge and expertise of our employees so as to realise their full potential.


  • Land procurement and investment;
  • Property development inclusive of marketing and sales administration and conveyancing; and
  • Project management services provision to local and provincial authorities, as well as to corporate private sector institutions in the development of mass housing projects.


Our main competitive advantages are:
  • Proven track record in project management and township development;
  • Extensive turnkey experience in property development;
  • Technical proficiency in township development;
  • Strategic landholdings;
  • Operational flexibility;
  • Excellent networking capabilities;
  • Company culture conducive to positive growth; and
  • Proven efficiency in after-sales customer service and conveyancing.
These are enhanced by the competitive advantages brought to the Group by our sister companies - Krisp Properties and Krisp Properties Commercial.


  • Consultation with all role-players to establish the project scope, objectives, priorities, constraints, assumptions and strategies.

  • Management of the following objectives to the approval of the client:
    • Feasibility studies and business plan formulation;
    • Land procurement;
    • Establish the roles, responsibilities and reporting relationships between the various participating parties;
    • Identify suitable key personnel to establish a winning project team;
    • Promote the development of project team spirit to enhance project performance;
    • Project programming and scheduling as well as integrating the interdependence of planning, design and construction;
    • Ongoing monitoring and control to the master project programme to reflect actual project status;
    • Chair design co-ordination meetings and the preparation of reports to clients;
    • Monitor the preparation of the final design, information distribution and record keeping;
    • Monitor the preparation of cost estimates and budgets for the project and manage the cash flow;
    • Raising of development capital and managing progress draw downs;
    • Securing end user financing packages;
    • Manage the processes of preparing and calling for proposals and tenders;
    • Manage the evaluation of proposals and tenders and facilitate their award;
    • Appoint consultants and contractors on the client's behalf;
    • Construction co-ordination meetings and preparation of reports to clients;
    • Monitoring all project participants to ensure they meet contractual obligations;
    • Manage the project execution and all inter-related changes in accordance with the approved documentation;
    • Manage the closing out of the project and submission of required records to the client;
    • Empowerment of communitiesthrough the creation of local employmentand skill creation; and
    • Sales administration and conveyancing.

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