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In 2001 the Board recognised the opportunity at hand to establish a property development commercial division to address the growing need for commercial properties such as shopping centres and office parks, primarily in large projects that its sister companies Nu-Way Housing and Krisp Properties were involved in. It was then that Krisp Properties Commercial, a member of the Nu-Hold Group, was born.


Our Vision is: To provide a comprehensive commercial development solution that would satisfy the clients' needs in a fully integrated and professional manner, that would add value to South Africa's urban environment.

Our Mission is:
  • To be recognised by the commercial development industry as a key player in the field of commercial development;
  • To deliver quality service to our clients;
  • To be the preferred employer in the industry, and
  • To ensure company growth and provide a competitive return on investment to our shareholders.


Consultation with all role-players to establish the project scope, objectives, priorities, constraints, assumptions and strategies.
  • Land procurement and the development of commercial projects such as office parks, shopping centres and institutional facilities.
  • Part of our core function is facilities management which includes the maintenance and care of our commercial buildings during the operational phase of their life cycles. This ensures proper operation of all aspects of our buildings from a health and safety, security, operational and maintenance point of view.
The tasks include:
  • letting of property;
  • lease agreements;
  • rental administration;
  • adherence to occupational health, safety and security standards;
  • commercial property management; and
  • day-to-day operation and maintenance of buildings.
Our role as facilities manager creates an optimal, safe and cost-effective environment for the occupants to function.


Our competitive advantages are numerous. They include:
  • A proven record in the commercial property development;
  • Extensive expertise and knowledge in various development and management processes, both in urban and rural contexts;
  • The ability to identify key success factors at an early stage to ensure maximum return on investments for clients; and
  • The usage of the latest information technology as an invaluable tool to manage, monitor and control key elements such as time, money and development processes.
These are enhanced by the competitive advantages brought to the Group by our sister companies - Krisp Properties and Nu-Way Housing Developments.


  • Consultation with all role-players to establish the project scope, objectives, priorities, constraints, assumptions and strategies.
  • Management of the following objectives to the approval of the client:
    • Feasibility studies and business plan formulation;
    • Land procurement;
    • Establish the roles, responsibilities and reporting relationships between the various participating parties;
    • Identify suitable key personnel to establish a winning project team;
    • Promote the development of project team spirit to enhance project performance;
    • Project programming and scheduling as well as integrating the interdependence of planning, design and construction;
    • Ongoing marketing and control to the master project programme to reflect actual project status;
    • Chair design co-ordination meetings and the preparation of reports to clients;
    • Monitor the preparation of the final design, information distribution and record keeping;
    • Monitor the preparation of cost estimates and budgets for the project and manage the cash flow;
    • Raising of development capital and managing progress draw downs;
    • Manage the processes of preparing and calling for proposals and tenders;
    • Manage the evaluation of proposals and tenders and facilitate their award;
    • Appoint consultants and contractors on the client's behalf;
    • Construction co-ordination meetings and preparation of reports to clients;
    • Monitoring all project participants to ensure they meet contractual obligations;
    • Manage the project execution and all inter-related changes in accordance with the approved documentation;
    • Manage the closing out of the project and submission of required records to the client; and
    • Sales administration and conveyancing.

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